Thursday, December 30, 2010

Did you get your Garmin GPS Forerunner for Christmas?

Check it out here GARMIN GPS FORERUNNER 305 From Amazon





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Is improved fitness one of your 2011 resolutions? Manage your workouts with the Garmin GPS Forerunner 305

Dec 23 / 2:58pm

Garmin GPS Forerunner 305-Anyone wanting to have specific information about thier workouts need this device

GARMIN GPS FORERUNNER 305 From Amazon. Forerunner 305 personal training watch with GPS. The Forerunner 305 sports a unique design that wraps the GPS antenna around part of the wrist for a better view of the sky, and its high sensitivity GPS receiver provides improved tracking under trees and near tall buildings. Forerunner 305 also sports a robust ANT+ wireless heart rate monitor with softer, more comfortable chest strap and superior battery life. It eliminates cross-talk with other devices to reliably measure and send heart rate data, and it helps you train in your optimal heart rate zone. Forerunner 305's "Courses" feature lets you compete against previous workouts, and you can compare your pace and heart rate to your past performance over the same run. You can also use Forerunner 305 to train for your next duathlon or triathlon with multi-sport workouts, a feature that lets you seamlessly transition between sports without resetting the unit, so you can use it for running, biking and more. Train indoors and still track your distance, pace and calories burned with the optional Foot Pod accessory. This wireless sensor attaches to your running shoe and transmits distance and pace data to your Forerunner 305 so you can still use it when GPS reception is unavailable. You can customize any of Forerunner 305's three main data screens up to twelve data fields give you instant feedback on your workout. And, as with every Forerunner, each workout is stored in memory so you can review and analyze the data and see how you've improved over time. As an added benefit, you can plan, analyze and store data from your workouts using free Garmin Training Center software, which lets you analyze data with interactive graphs that chart your pace, time, distance and heart rate. Package includes AC charger and expander strap.

Anyone wanting to have specific information about thier workouts need this device. As far as I can see this is the best unit out there. Once they make it waterproof it will be perfect and that is coming this summer. I prefer it greatly over the other model that looks more like a conventional wristwatch.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blogging for Profit is an Art

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Lot's of programs exist.  Take a look at this one. 

The poster of this this material receives compensation
when products and services featured herein are
purchased. Results are unique. Your results will
vary widely.
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Remembering Being a Poor Farm Boy with Humor

Monday, December 27, 2010

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tide Fans say Roll Tide Roll !!!!

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